The iPad... the sequal

Everybody seem to be in two minds about the iPad... George sent me this today, it is hilarious!
Watch it here


The iPad

So it is here... The iPad! Would you spent that amount of money on it?
It is slick for sure...
See Apple's very celebratory video of their new product here


Light Touch

Am I the only one who might not really be ready yet for our world to turn into something a bit like Mission Impossible yet? But on the other hand I'm really geekily amazed and would like to try this interactive projector screen as soon as possible...
Read a bit more about Light Touch here

Now we all just have to wait till March this year when Apple apparently will launch their iTablet / iPad / iSlate to see if the Mac crowd will go mental about this iPhone on steroids...

One of the best uses of Google maps... This map shows you were to find some of the best coffee places in London. Amongst some of my favorites are Leila's, Climpson and Sons and The Counter.
Check it out here!

Even though I think Present on 140 Shoreditch High Street E1 6JE has been missed out on this map, but find more about the shop here.


A fundraiser held at the RCA in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Please donate if you are able to from any Oxfam store or using this link to the Disaster Emergency Committee:


EVERYTHING that I love about German music...

George sent me this today, it is almost too good to be true!
The list of great ideas in this video is too long to even write here, it is one amazing visual idea upon another...



Send more letters! Royal mail has released a new set of stamps with classic album covers, pretty good music taste at royal mail...

Acquire them here

Day and Night wear

The marble of doom!


After 55 years...


Let's do yoga in 2010

Stine Tranekjær

Look at more of Stine's work here


Let's enter a New Year

"The adult trap" by